2020 / 2021 Event Cancellation

After careful consideration, we have reluctantly taken the decision to cancel the Shakespeare Marathon scheduled for April 2021.

In view of the on going pandemic and social distancing rules, we have concluded that it is unrealistic to expect the situation to improve to a point that it would be safe to hold such a mass event.

The Shakespeare Marathon (and Half Marathon) is organised by Rotary, a charitable organisation. The organisers do not receive payment for their time; all profits raised are paid to charity. It is for this reason that our terms and conditions provide that no refunds will be given in the event of cancellation. However, as a ‘one off‘ exercise of our discretion in such unprecedented circumstances and to recognise the support of the many runners who have entered the Marathon and Half Marathon, we are offering the option of a refund of one half of your entry fee.

However, if you decide not to apply for the offered refund, we will be able to increase the sum of money we can give to the many charities we support as they rely heavily on our annual donation raised from the Shakespeare Marathon. Your entry fees after the deduction of Marathon organisational costs is given to worthwhile causes who need your support at this time, more than ever.

If you do seek a 50% refund, please visit the FRS website. Any application for a refund must be made by 12 noon on 17th November 2020 and there will be no exceptions to this time limit.

We very much hope that we will be able to schedule the next Shakespeare Marathon and Half Marathon for spring 2022 and we will email you with the date once this is decided. Keep updated by following our social media on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Thank you for your support, keep running and keep safe.

The Shakespeare Marathon and Half Marathon Team

We are so grateful to Rotary and hugely value our relationship with them. It was through the support of organisations like Rotary that back in 2013 we were able to bring our service to the town in the first place. We so appreciate their continued generosity, compassion and kindness during what has been a very difficult time for many people.

Marion Homer

Foodbank Manager