We would like to thank our sponsors, especially NFU Mutual, Shakespeare Martineau Solicitors, Listers, Grenfell James Associates, Rohan, Travis Perkins, Fire and Earth, and idverde for their support. Information on the charities we support is on the Charities page.

Run under UK Athletics Rules
Barr Gold Grade



  1. Registered runners will only be entitled to win the prize of their respective registered race category.
  2. Each runner is only allowed one prize.
  3. There will be strictly no transfer of prizes between race categories.
  4. Winners of all categories will be based on their respective GUN TIMES.
  5. The Race Director reserves the right to award the prizes according to allocated race categories.
  6. All results should be based on Gun Time for prizes.
  7. In the event of a team tie UKA rules state that it goes on the last person’s finishing position within the team. E.g. If there’s a tie and Team A’s last runner finished 90th and Team B’s last runner finished 91st then Team A take the prize.

2022’s Prize Structure will be confirmed in due course. 2019’s prizes were presented as gift vouchers to the values outlined below – this is subject to change for 2022.

Individual 1st 2nd 3rd
Mens   Marathon £60 £40 £30
Mens   Marathon – Over 40 £20
Mens   Marathon – Over 50 £20
Mens   Marathon – Over 60 £20
Mens   Marathon – Over 70 £20
Womens   Marathon £60 £40 £30
Womens   Marathon – Over 40 £20
Womens   Marathon – Over 50 £20
Womens   Marathon – Over 60 £20
Womens   Marathon – Over 70 £20
Mens   Half Marathon £50 £35 £25
Mens   Half Marathon – Over 40 £15
Mens   Half Marathon – Over 50 £15
Mens   Half Marathon – Over 60 £15
Mens   Half Marathon – Over 70 £15
Womens   Half Marathon £50 £35 £25
Womens   Half Marathon – Over 40 £15
Womens   Half Marathon – Over 50 £15
Womens   Half Marathon – Over 60 £15
Womens   Half Marathon – Over 70 £15

Presentation of prizes will take place near the finish area during late morning or the earlier part of the afternoon.