Essential notes for runners

We would like to thank our sponsors, especially NFU Mutual, Shakespeare Martineau Solicitors, Listers, CALA Homes, Coventry Runner, Grenfell James Associates, Travis Perkins, Fire and Earth, and idverde.

Information on the charities we support can be found on our Charities Page.

Barr Gold Grade

Barr Gold Grade

Run under UK Athletics Rules Barr Gold Grade

Barr Gold Grade

UK Athletics Licence

UK Athletics Road Race Licence number for 2022 is 42392 – for both the full and half marathon.

Barr Gold Grade

Certified Measurement

The course measurement number is 13/343 for the full, and 13/344 for the half marathon

The Course (see maps) includes the Greenway which, although not a road, has a firm, level and safe surface. The Registered Distance has been confirmed by the Association of Course Measurers as 26.2 miles for the marathon and 13.1 miles for the half marathon. Mile markers will be displayed throughout the course.

Because part of the course (the Greenway) is off-road, entrants who wish to use their times to qualify for major international races should consult the organisers of those races to ascertain whether their times in the Rotary Shakespeare Marathon will be accepted for qualification.

Entry is through FR Systems only and there are no entries on the day. The entry limit will be stated in FAQs. The Organisers reserve the right to declare entry closed at any time after the maximum numbers have been reached.

Teams If you are a member of a team – you must have entered the Race as an individual first, please complete the relevant box when you enter.

Safety and Health Much of the course is on public highway and you should be aware of the usual hazards such as traffic, public works and poor road surfaces. For safety reasons under the UK Athletics directive, the wearing of earphones is banned and entrants not complying with this directive may be disqualified, bone conductor earphones are allowed. Drinks stations for water only are provided at regular intervals (see map). Toilets are also provided at regular intervals (see map). There will also be sponge stations. The course is not suitable for self-propelled wheelchairs. Runners pushing wheelchairs may be permitted to enter at the Race Director’s discretion – please enquire before race day. Pushchairs and buggies are not permitted. If you choose to wear fancy dress, the outfit must not impede you or other runners and ensure you do not overheat.

Medical and training advice Medical back-up will be available throughout the course and a Doctor will be in attendance at the finish. Ensuring that you are fit and medically cleared to run are matters for you; if you have not trained or have a heavy cold or other febrile illness, you should not run. Do not expect to achieve what you have not trained for. If you doubt your ability to finish, do not start. Make certain that you have appropriate and adequate insurance. In addition to the medical back-up, Courtesy Cars patrol the course throughout the period of the Race to help any runner unable to complete the course and take them back to the finish area; these cars have phone links with the Race HQ. A massage service will be available at the finish area. Please refer to the FAQs on our website for any later medical or training advice.

Fluid replacement and isotonic drinks Guidelines on fluid replacement suggest that runners should aim to drink no more than 400-800 mls per hour; higher rates for faster, heavier runners competing in warm or humid conditions and lower rates for slower runners/walkers competing in cooler conditions and whose expected time is 4 hours or longer. There is a real risk of slower runners becoming over-hydrated and developing dangerously low blood sodium levels if they drink more than 800 mls per hour. If you propose to bring and take energy/isotonic drinks or bars, you should seek medical advice on doing so before you start the race.

Prizes will be awarded as detailed on the Prizes page of this website. All runners who finish the Marathon or Half Marathon with their chip will be awarded Medals. Note that you can only win one prize and you can find the notes about this on the Prizes page here.
All results should be based on Gun Time for prizes.

Staying in Stratford-upon-Avon or surrounding areas Stratford upon Avon is a great place to visit, there’s accommodation of all types and plenty for families to do, refer to our FAQs for more information and join our facebook and twitter for info and ideas:  @Shake_Marathon     @OfficialShakespeareMarathon

On the day of the Race:

  1. Bring your chip and number with you. Ensure that you have filled out the medical information required on the reverse of the number bib. Without your chip and number you will not be able to compete and THERE ARE NO ENTRIES ON THE DAY.
  2. Location of start The Race starts in Stratford-upon-Avon town centre in Wood Street – please note that this a new start area to the previous start line on Church Street. Ensure you have visited the bag drop area if required, (by the finish area) before you move to the start – you will need your race number to be able to use the Bag Drop. If you are collecting your race pack on the day, go to the information desk at Debenhams. It can take 10-15 mins to walk from the finish area to the start so ensure you leave enough time.  Experienced runners should arrive early to obtain a position near to the front at the start.
  3. Car parking is available near to the finish area (see map) but is very limited. It is entered by the Swans Nest Hotel at CV37 7LT and only accepts card payments. There may be delays in leaving the site. For those who wish to leave promptly, multi-storey and other car parks are available near the site and at the leisure centre. Runners should take responsibility to plan their car parking in advance of arriving on race day.
  4. Information There will be an Information Desk near the start area in the town centre at the entrance to the Debenhams Store on High Street from 7:00am until 9:00am, where entries received too late for posting, and entrants from overseas can pick up their runners packs. There are no entries on the day. The Information Desk will be moved back to the main marquee on the recreation ground at the Finish Area after the start.
  5. Refreshments will be available in the large marquee at the Finish. There is a free hot drink for all runners.
  6. Changing facilities and showers will be available on or near the finish on the Recreation Ground. Men’s showers and changing will be at the District Council Pavilion opposite the Sea Cadets’ hut. Women’s showers and changing will be at the Boat Club. Bags may be stored at your risk in the Sea Cadets’ hut. Please do not leave any clothing, bags or belongings in the changing facilities. If you bring any items of value such as watches or jewellery, you are strongly advised not to leave them in the changing facilities or storage area. Neither the bodies to which the facilities belong nor the Organisers can accept any responsibility for loss, damage or injury to runners or their belongings whilst using the changing or storage facilities.
  7. Toilets are located both at the finish area and in the High Street opposite Debenhams and at various locations around the course.
  8. Results Provisional results will be displayed during the day at the finish area. Confirmed results will be displayed on our website within a few days and also on Postal results will be sent to you on payment of £1.00 at the information desk on the day; envelopes for this purpose will be provided and must be self-addressed and placed in the box provided.
  9. Departure Exit from the car park after the Race is on to a busy road junction. Be prepared for delay when you leave if you parked at the recreation ground.
  10. Full Marathon Runners failing to reach the split point at Greenway North (11.84 miles) in 2 hours 43 minutes will be diverted to the Half Marathon Finish. All runners must complete the Course within 6.00 hours and anyone remaining on the course after this time will be withdrawn from the event. The organisers will not accept responsibility for anyone on the course after 3.00pm prompt.